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Helping companies build Organizational Cultures based on values and performance

Build Your Culture-Like a Pro

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People Ink Pro

We're Passionate About Culture

We are passionate about our mission: To help organizations create unique workplace cultures based on values and performance. Our Built-On-Values® leadership model has evolved over twenty-five years based on our experience developing people-centric cultures for high performing companies like - Southwest Airlines, Doubletree Hotels, JetBlue Airways, and Loma Linda University Med. Center. See our client list here.

Find out the essential principles for creating both a legendary and high performing culture.

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A culture exists in your organization but is it the one you want? Create an intentional culture by design, not by chance.  read more

Win customer loyalty while increasing sustainable bottom-line results by maintaining a workplace culture that inspires trust. read more

We help companies build High Performing Organizational Cultures around Values and Behaviors

Behaviors bring corporate values to life, without them values often end up as empty words on the wall. This is part of what distinguishes People Ink’s organizational culture leadership model from others. It is the first to provide leaders with five essential principles for creating both a legendary and high performing organizational culture. It starts with developing a Values Blueprint® that leaders can use to implement a values-based workplace culture. 

Evaluating Your Organizational Culture Strategy

You already know that a culture exists in your organization, but is it the one you want, can everyone describe it, and does it align with strategic goals? If not, it's time to examine your organization and create a culture with intention. We have proven that it can be done. Businesses that prosper during both good and tough times are those anchored in their core values. Our practice is built on five principles for creating a values-centric culture. Click here to find our more organizational culture strategy.

The People Ink Steps to Creating an Intentional Organizational Culture

The online culture building website for small/mid size companies

The first how-to book on building great organizational cultures Visit our book page to find out more.

Title: Built on Values Creating an enviable culture that outperforms the competition.

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A book on culture that’s different, here’s why.

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